Become a Temptation.... Be... bold. Be... fierce. Be...empowered. Be... whatever you want to be. Boudoir Sessions are not just for your partner's enjoyment. Yes, we will certainly aim to provide images that he or she will enjoy. A boudoir session is the perfect time to be the true you, or the "you" of which you've always dreamed. Boudoir is the perfect thing to display (or boost) your confidence. Why should you have a boudoir session? Why not? You were created to be bold, fierce and powerful, just as we said. But, most women are their own worst critic. We see flaws where others see beauty. We pick ourselves apart based on what society deems beautiful. We see something that is different, and proclaim it to be a flaw, when, in fact, it is not. The truth is that all women are beautiful. Why should you trust Temptations Boudoir? I have taken countless hours of classes learning the art of lighting and posing for all body types. I pose you to highlight your features and showcase your assets. We have professional hair and makeup for the same reason. There is something magical, joyful and emotional about being able to show a woman their own fierce, beautiful image. It is empowering, to both of us - you, the client and me, the photographer. So don't worry about those last (or even first) ten pounds. Don't worry about the blemish on your chin. Or whatever it is that may bother you. We can take care of this. Let us show you how wonderfully made you are. We dare ya'.