Getting Married? Weddings are handled through our Limited Edition brand, in order to devote the time needed to our wedding clients. Limited Edition Wedding Photography is not for the couple that "just wants some snaps" or only wants the digital files, just to post a few on social media and only to be seen for "throwback Thursday". That is not what we do. We provide a "full service" experience. So what does a full service experience mean? It means that we sit down with you. We listen to what you want from your wedding coverage, in order to provide you, your partner and your friends and family with memories. You want epic, fantasy-type portraits? We can do that. You want sweet, whimsical photos? Yes, we can do that, too. We get to know you, individually and as a couple, in order to provide you with the portraits you want within our photography style.

 After your wedding, we will sit down with you again, to relive those memories with you as we design your keepsake album and/or wall art.  Albums and wall art are more than just random items. These are moments in time that will be featured in your home, showcased at holidays and other gatherings and to be gazed upon as you enjoy your life together. These are not to be stuck in a drawer or lost in the cloud.


Even in this day of cell phones, the internet and cloud storage, digital images can be lost, damaged and even edited beyond recognition in a mere seconds. Discs can be scratched; flash drives can be lost or erased.  Even worse, technology can change. Your wedding day should be a testament to your love and cherished for generations.