Congratulations! You have received a gift voucher to 3 Words Photography.


You probably have questions. We will attempt to answer them here. Of course, if you have a question that is not addressed on this page, please contact us at 601.990.9340 or at


What is the gift voucher?

                    The gift voucher is a type of gift certificate to 3 Words Photography.


Why did I receive the gift voucher?

                    There are a few ways to receive the voucher. 1) You were spotted by our photographer, who gave you the voucher.,

                    2) You are a client/customer of one of 3 Words Photography's preferred vendors.; 3) You entered an online contest

                    and received one of the vouchers as a prize.


What does the gift voucher cover?

                    That depends on which voucher you received. Most of the vouchers waive the session fee for a specific type of session

                    with 3 Words Photography. See your voucher or contact us for complete information. Voucher sessions do not include

                    makeup or hair styling services (available at an additional cost) or prints of any type (also available at an additional



Does the voucher expire?

                    Yes. The voucher is only good for six months from the day you received it. Your session must be completed before

                    the six month mark.


What do I do now?

                    Book your session with 3 Words Photography by calling 601.990.9340 or emailing us at

                    Make sure that you tell us that you have a voucher!